Data Services

Integrate, transform, and improve your CRM data.

To bridge the gap between data and execution, Throtle Data Services provide best-in-class functionality allowing brands the opportunity to create an accurate picture of each individual customer. With access to over 1,500 data attributes demographic and behavioral data points, brands can deliver more targeted and personalized communications across a number of different channels.

Improve the integrity of your customer data

Throtle has built a comprehensive database packed with information about what makes your customers tick.

As part of the data services process, we cleanse your data to include the latest address verification and suppressions, screen against communication preferences and remove duplicate records.

We also offer data enhancement/appends using the following attributes:

  • Demographic Data – household income, age, marital status
  • Lifestyle Data – hobbies, shopping habits, vehicle ownership
  • Contact Level Details – telephone numbers, emails addresses, social IDs
  • Geographic Data – location, distance calculations

Deliver messages that resonate with your customers.

Throtle Segmentation empowers brands to reach the right customer with the right message. Using Throtle’s extensive database of individual-level data, customer transaction data, purchase behaviors, and more, brands can create high-performing segments. Grouping individuals into core segments allows a brand to deliver messages that will positively resonate with their customers. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

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