Identity Graph

Connect identities across disparate channels and devices to one individual

Throughout a customer’s journey, many personal identifiers can be associated with an individual, including email addresses, postal address, mobile numbers, device IDs, usernames, loyalty numbers, and an ever-changing array of cookies. Throtle’s Identity Graph collects customer identifiers, as well as any additional data points (purchase history, browsing activity, behavioral data, etc.), and ties that data back to real individuals.

The Throtle Identity Graph utilizes a deterministic data matching methodology to ingest customer information (such as anonymized log-in data or hashed email addresses) and pinpoint an individual match within its own extensive database. Throtle then locates individuals on whatever device they may be using. Because the data is authenticated, the match is made with 100% accuracy.

Working with a unified data set, brands can understand and relate to customers with relative and meaningful experiences.
  • Individual targeting power
    A customer’s journey includes an assortment of devices and channels. Throtle’s Identity Graph creates the opportunity for marketers to produce relevant messaging for customers as they switch between various devices. For example, an individual interested in booking a vacation might browse a hotel’s website using their laptop and then their mobile device. The hotel’s marketing team can use the data from Throtle’s onboarding process to ensure a personalized and optimized ad appears as that customer switches devices. This results in a higher conversion rate and more optimized budgets.


  • Personalize and enhance customer experiences
    Armed with digital identifiers and behaviors within the identity graph, brands can successfully deliver a personalized experience to each customer. Marketers can also monitor and analyze campaign performance across specific channels to reduce marketing waste.

Validated Consumer Identity Graph

Throtle owns and maintains the industry’s largest consumer identity graph, providing brands with the opportunity to offer relevant cross-device marketing to their customers. Armed with accurate identities, digital identifiers, behaviors, and persistent IDs within the Consumer Identity Graph, brands can successfully deliver a personalized experience to each individual customer as they shift between various devices.