Making The Most Of Customer Data Onboarding

If You Only Use Onboarding For Ad Targeting, You’re Doing It Wrong

Why read this report?

Customer data onboarding is a well-accepted marketing practice, and commercially available onboarding solutions have been available for several years. But as digital marketing becomes more complex, dynamic B2C marketers need to understand how to maximize the impact of their onboarding investments.

Key Takeaways:

Onboarding Is About More Than Targeting Ads
targeting customers with digital media is the most straightforward and common application of onboarding, but it can do so much more. Savvy B2C marketers will also leverage onboarding to support measurement and personalization use cases.

Onboarding Is Not A Simple Process
Standard onboarding looks like a basic data matching exercise, but it obscures a complex process. B2C marketers must tune their onboarding processes for speci c use cases and carefully monitor matching, accuracy, and scale metrics.

B2C Marketers Can Control Their Onboarding success
responsibility for onboarding success does not rest solely with vendors. B2C marketers that invest resources in the completeness and quality of customer data will see improved onboarding results.

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