Accurately reach your customers online, across multiple channels & devices.

As email, direct mail, and other marketing channels flood consumers with messaging, brands struggle to meet the highly complex expectations of their hyper-connected customers.

Throtle Onboarding integrates offline customer data with online identities, enabling brands to create more personalized experiences for their customers across multiple channels and devices (display, mobile, email, social, and addressable TV).

Brands spend years cultivating data to create CRM profiles of their customers, analyzing everything from preferences and habits to purchase behaviors. Still, many marketers lack true customer insight and unknowingly limit themselves to siloed customer data when implementing marketing campaigns. Throtle Onboarding bridges the gap and brings offline data online so that brands can design personalized experiences for each customer.

Activate your offline customer data for online marketing

Accurate and exact individual matching

With exact one-to-one matching, Throtle Onboarding links your anonymized CRM data to desktop cookies and device IDs. Unique identifiers are created from your CRM data’s hashed emails, device IDs and mobile #s, and then matched to an individual’s online identity.

Reach Customers on Multiple-Channels and Device

Gain critical insights of customer behaviors across multiple devices. Optimize your marketing spend to determine which campaigns perform the best and produce the highest ROI.

Distribution and partner ecosystem

Once matched, a vast network of DSPs, ad networks, and platforms is crucial to achieving the best delivery for your deployed campaigns. Throtle integrates with industry-leading technologies so you can deliver the right message to the right customer at any time.

We are obsessed with accuracy

Data onboarding shouldn’t be a black box. Throtle prides itself on providing brands with the most accurate and transparent view of their customers. We organize, enhance, and activate customer CRM data so that brands can effectively reach their customers online.

Throtle provides transparency to:
• Recency, frequency and device ID (by type)
• Untargetable customers and strategies to reach them
• Reporting and dashboards that give you access to customer insights across all devices and channels

Throtle offers additional data solutions to help brands activate measurable, individual-based campaigns across all channels and devices.

Pre-Onboarding Preparation
Fill gaps and gain a better understanding of your customers before onboarding.

Customer Segmentation
Create high-performing segments to reach customers in the most effective way.

Add Throtle’s known customer IDs to identify previously unknown customers.

Identity Graph
Connect identifiers across multiple channels and devices to one individual.

Customer Connect
Understand each customer’s journey from start to finish.

Data onboarding provides brands and marketers with a complete 360-degree view of their customers, empowering them to implement smarter marketing decisions (both online and offline), and reach the right individuals with relevant messaging.