Throtle Audience Profiles

Find out more about your current customers and what makes them tick.

Data analysis has long been viewed as one of the most complex steps in the business intelligence chain. Throtle Audience Profiles now make it easier for marketers to optimize their marketing investment by focusing on the right target audiences.

From vehicle ownership to charitable giving, marital status to buying interests, our advanced analytics and marketing intelligence offers a descriptive snapshot of your customers. This provides two huge advantages: valuable intel on current customers and the parameters for finding highly receptive new ones.

Our Sophisticated Processing Algorithms Help You:
  • Identify the most descriptive traits and segments of your overall customer base, ideal customer, or campaign respondents to help inform acquisition strategies or creative briefs.
  • Understand who’s visiting your website, even when they’re browsing anonymously. We can utilize ‘reverse onboarding’ to profile visitor audiences.
The result?

A detailed audience profile report that will have you looking at your customer data in a whole new light — and ready to use these insights to make your next campaign a success.

Sample From Audience Profile Report