Things You Might Not Know About Throtle


Things You Might Not Know About Throtle

Throtle is a new breed of data onboarding and identity resolution. We have taken a different, more transparent approach and pride ourselves on ensuring brands understand their customer data with the highest level of fidelity possible.

With decades of data expertise at our core, we have developed technology and data processes that are unlike any other company in the industry today. There are a lot of unique features to Throtle that are not immediately obvious.

  • Our clients enjoy a flexible pricing model with a flat monthly rate. Fair pricing with no hidden costs.

  • Throtle is a completely independent provider of onboarding and identity resolution with our own proprietary data, technology and solutions.

  • We process billions of records per day including email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers, device ids, IP Addresses, CTV IDs, etc., to validate individual identities consistently and in real-time.

  • Women make up 50% of our workforce and are spread across management, developers, designers and customer success.

  • We have a proprietary validation process: Each data point in our ID Graph is validated by confirming it’s the same across multiple and disparate sources that we’ve hand-picked and tested rigorously. We also have an external validation process that includes 5 levels of validation.

  • Our clients rave about our customer success staff! Our highly responsive team goes above and beyond to make the process easy, quick and smooth.

  • We are the only identity and onboarding firm that has a rigorous data hygiene process to ensure deterministic and individual accuracy. We perform data quality checks, validate, standardize and parse customer data, as well as enhance customer records.

  • Two of our largest customer verticals are Healthcare and Retail.

  • We refresh client data on all partner platforms every night. We also update our identity graph daily and completely re-build it monthly!

  • Our record for the fastest onboarding of a client was less than 18 hours!

  • We are releasing a Private Data Store, ask us about it!

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