Increase the accuracy and impact of your CTV campaigns

Throtle brings the advantages of identity resolution to TV advertising, connecting with individuals wherever they are watching.

A New Era of Advertising

As CTV growth accelerates and becomes one of the most important vehicles for brands and marketers to connect with consumers, accurate identity resolution is key to achieving successful consistent brand experience across connected TVs. They can no longer afford to identify their customers in only one channel, not in today’s on-demand economy.

Connecting with Shifting Consumers

By linking connected TV identifiers to the Throtle Identity Graph, brands and marketers can deterministically target individuals and households for cross-screen campaign targeting.

Deliver Personalized Advertising to the Rapidly Growing TV Audience

Throtle connects the dots to give brands and marketers an enterprise-wide single customer view. Even with just a single CTV identifier, Throtle can recognize individuals and paint a clearer picture of their identity.

  • Match files on name, household address, phone number, e-mail, IP addresses for both household and individual level matching
  • Confirm PII data to the Throtle Identity Graph back to known IP addresses
  • Model and understand Connected TV households
  • Target and engage individuals across TV, computers, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Distribute data to an active and vast network of industry-leading DSPs, ad networks, and platforms

Learn how you can benefit from the power of Connected TV.

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