Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Robust, accurate customer data is the foundation of every successful marketing strategy. However, data gaps (missing linkage, demographic, geographic, behavioral, or lifestyle information) — can be detrimental to even the most skillfully crafted marketing campaigns.

Throtle is the only data onboarder in the industry that prioritizes rigorous data hygiene services, prior to onboarding.

Throtle’s Pre-Onboarding Preparation is designed to fill data gaps and provide a deeper understanding of customer buying behaviors, motivations, and opportunities at the individual level. With a full suite of demographic components, we can complete the customer picture and validate a brands customer data against over 100+ core data elements such as name, email address(es), postal address, income, marital status, and buying patterns.

Ensuring your data is standardized and able to be accurately matched is the most crucial first step of our onboarding process.

Throtle optimizes your data.

  • Address Standardization & NCOA
  • Email & Attribute Appends
  • Deceased Removal
  • Record & Device Duplication Removal
  • Unusable Email & Postal Records
  • Net Usable Records

Deliver messages that resonate with your customers

Understanding your audience and how to connect with them has never been more important. For brands, this means providing a seamless and relevant customer experience.

Throtle Segmentation empowers brands to reach the right customer with the right message. Using Throtle’s extensive database of individual-level data, customer transaction data, purchase behaviors, and more, brands can create high-performing segments. Grouping individuals into core segments allows a brand to deliver messages that will positively resonate with their customers. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

Throtle Segmentation goes beyond the basic demographic breakouts (gender, income, age, etc.) to ensure brands aren’t limited by a small range of attributes. Instead, we enhance CRM files with mobile, location, and behavioral data so groups of customers are accurately identified for optimized marketing.

  • Accurately identify individuals based on both basic demographic and behavioral attributes
  • Gain insights for better campaign management and cross-selling planning
  • Save money and avoid targeting individuals unlikely to purchase certain products or services
  • Personalize and tailor messaging that resonates with your customers
  • Use look-alike modeling to discover who your best customers are and magnify your reach


Identify previously unknown customers

Throtle Extend is a unique data matching extension process that adds missing online identifiers to an individual’s profile, allowing brands to increase their online reach.

Consumers regularly switch between devices and email addresses when shopping online, making it more difficult for brands to connect with the right individuals using a single email address or device. With Throtle Extend, append Throtle’s known customer IDs to your pool of anonymous IDs and detect previously unknown customers. Accurately identifying these customers is the key to improving customer experiences and campaign results.

How does the Throtle Extend differ from other onboarding processes?
Throtle maintains an exclusive and proprietary database of consumer match keys. Throtle Extend combines the quality of its consumer match keys with the accuracy of its individual and deterministic match pool, to create a process that no other onboarder has at scale.

What type of data is matched?
Throtle Extend uses a variety of match criteria including email [hashed 3 ways], MAID, mobile number, and IP address.

Throtle’s Data Centric Solutions fill data gaps and provide a deeper understanding
of your customers prior to onboarding.