Unlock the full potential of your first-party data

Throtle Data Onboarding provides a fast, simple and transparent way to tap into your offline consumer data and reach customers wherever they are online.

Obtain a holistic understanding of your consumers.

Throtle Data Onboarding connects offline CRM data with online cookies and mobile devices (MAIDs), accurately and deterministically. We enable marketers and brands to confidently target, create personalized experiences, and measure engagement across multiple channels, browsers, and devices – all in a privacy-safe manner.

Accuracy and Transparency

Throtle is the only data onboarder that applies decades of data expertise to properly cleanse and prepare data. With a rigorous multi-step validation and hygiene process, we prepare and enhance CRM data to achieve higher and more accurate results.

Increase Online Reach

Utilizing a unique data matching extension process, Throtle deterministically identifies previously unknown customers. This process adds missing online identifiers to an individual’s profile, increasing online reach.

Distribution and Delivery

Throtle has an active and vast network of industry leading DSPs, DMPs, and platforms to deliver your activated CRM data. Once your data is onboarded, Throtle then sends your data to the destination of your choice to be activated.

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Better Customer Experience Begins with Better Customer Intelligence

Correct, Update, and Validate — All done by leveraging the power of our massive validated ID Graph.

As consumers bounce relentlessly across an increasingly wide array of devices and channels, the data trail they leave behind becomes more and more fragmented. Brands and marketers are often left wondering: Who’s the person behind the screen that we’re talking to?

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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Uncover Customer Insights

Many brands and marketers make the mistake of using generic demographics like age, profession, and location to develop their buyer personas. Throtle gives you a detailed view of your customers that will have you looking at them in a whole new light — and ready to use these insights to make your next campaign a success.

Personalize Your Marketing

Customers increasingly expect brands and marketers to engage with them in highly relevant, personalized ways. With a complete picture of your customers and rich profiles of each individual, you can provide relevance and market with confidence. Personalize based on buying behaviors, channel preference and much more.

Access to Verified Intelligence

Throtle’s Truth Set is built from dozens of carefully curated, validated and meticulously connected data sources. We consistently update the Truth Set with new data daily to give you the most current view of your customers – so your CRM file doesn’t become stale.

Enrich Your Data

Robust, accurate customer data is the foundation of every successful marketing strategy. However, data gaps (missing linkages, demographic, geographic, behavioral, or lifestyle information) can be detrimental to even the most skillfully crafted marketing campaigns.

Throtle’s Intelligence fills data gaps and provides a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, motivations, and opportunities at the individual level. Throtle can complete your audience picture by enriching customer data with a full suite of 150 consumer attributes, including core data elements like marital status, gender, income, and more.

Find Out What Makes Your Customers React

Throtle Intelligence makes it easier for brands and marketers to optimize their marketing investment by focusing on the right individuals. From marital status and homeownership, our advanced intelligence offers a descriptive snapshot of your customers. This provides two huge advantages: valuable intel on current customers and the parameters for finding highly receptive new prospects.


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