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Extend your CRM Audience

Data Onboarding, Extend

We sat down with Throtle CEO Paul Chachko to ask him a few questions about the Throtle Extend solution they offer as part of the onboarding process.

What is Throtle Extend?
Throtle Extend is a unique data matching extension process that adds missing online identifiers to an individual’s profile, allowing brands to increase their online reach.

What does Throtle Extend do for a brand?
Consumers regularly switch between devices and email addresses when shopping online, making it more difficult for brands to connect with the right individuals using a single email address or device. With Throtle Extend, brands can append Throtle’s known customer IDs to their pool of anonymous IDs and detect previously unknown customers. Accurately identifying these customers is the key to improving customer experiences and campaign results.

What type of data is matched?
Throtle Extend uses a variety of match criteria including email [hashed 3 ways], device ID, mobile number, and IP address.

How does the Throtle Extend process differentiate from other onboarding processes?
Throtle maintains an exclusive and proprietary database of consumer match keys. Throtle Extend combines the quality of its consumer match keys with the accuracy of its individual and deterministic match pool, to create a process that no other onboarder has at scale.

What is the average match rate increase that you can expect from Throtle Extend?
The average increase varies by brand and is determinant on the accuracy, cleanliness, and age of the CRM file being used. Once Throtle completes the pre-onboarding data processing, the brand usually sees a 10-15% lift in its individual match rate.