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Identity Graph: The DNA For Individual Identity Resolution

Consumer Identity, Data Quality, Identity Resolution

Identity has become a fundamental component of the digital ecosystem. The more brands understand about their customers and what channels and devices they use, the more effectively they can connect with them.

Everyday, individuals switch between multiple screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets). Trying to understand the individual behind the ever-changing screen through multiple data points is critical for marketing success and the reason why creating a single view of that individual has never been more important. It’s time to look at the consumer holistically from every angle, rather than in silos.

What is an identity graph?

An identity graph allows brands to connect and unify all the known identifiers that correlate with an individual customer.

Each customer has multiple personal identifiers — email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers, mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs), logins, usernames, and cookies from web browsing. The identity graph collects these personal identifiers and connects them to an individual profile, which ‘lives’ in the identity graph, along with other types of data, such as demographic, behavioral, lifestyle and purchase data.

What is the Throtle Identity Graph and why do I need it?
The Throtle Identity Graph utilizes a deterministic data matching methodology to absorb cross-channel and cross-device customer information (such as anonymized log-in data or hashed email addresses) to pinpoint an individual identity. Throtle uses this data to locate individuals on whatever device they may be using.

Throtle’s Identity Graph then creates the opportunity for marketers to produce relevant messaging for customers as they switch between various devices. For example, an individual interested in booking a vacation might browse a hotel’s website using their laptop and then again on their mobile device. The hotel’s marketing team can use the data from Throtle’s Identity Graph and onboarding process to ensure a personalized and targeted ad appears as that customer switches devices. This results in a higher conversion rate and more optimized budgets.

Want to learn more about Identity Resolution and Throtle Identity Graph? Download our complimentary resource paper.