Better customer experience starts with better connected customer data.

Identity resolution has become a fundamental component of digital marketing. The more brands can understand about their customers, the more effective they are at marketing and connecting with them. This level of customer understanding is achieved by accessing and understanding the valuable data linked with a customer’s online identity.

Throtle’s Identity Resolution capabilities enables brands to source, link, and integrate an individual identity across various connected devices. We compile and create an Identity Graph across all user identifiers (including names, postal address, emails, MAIDs, IP addresses, etc.) that become tied to one individual.

The Throtle Identity Graph

At Throtle, our foundation is data. We are obsessed with accuracy and transparency. We ensure your file is of the highest quality prior to onboarding and matching your data. Our proprietary matching technology is powered by one of the largest triple-validated consumer email databases in the United States. Each cookie and device is unique and each is attached to an email address that is associated to an individual within the Throtle Identity Graph.

The Throtle Identity Graph utilizes a deterministic data matching methodology to ingest customer information (such as anonymized log-in data or hashed email addresses) and pinpoint an individual match within its own extensive database. Throtle then locates individuals on whatever device they may be using. Because the data is authenticated, the match is made with 100% accuracy.

Throtle owns and maintains the industry’s largest Consumer Identity Graph, providing brands with the opportunity to offer relevant cross device marketing to their customers. Armed with accurate identities, digital identifiers, behaviors, and persistent IDs within the Throtle Identity Graph, brands can successfully deliver a personalized experience to each individual customer as they shift between various devices.

The Throtle Identity Graph is not a licensed consumer file, it is a living breathing entity that needs to be cared for and cultivated in real time, 24/7, 365.

Complete and Total View of a Customer

When a brand utilizes the Throtle Identity Graph, it becomes a brand’s foundation for their own proprietary Customer ID Graph. This implementation allows all identity attributes, transactions, and behaviors to be linked, facilitating more effective targeting.

Without Identity Resolution, brands cannot connect the dots between marketing silos making it difficult to provide consistent and personalized experiences to their customers. Synchronizing disparate customer data prevents the disintegration of customer information, improving the complete and total view of a customer.

Why Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution is key for accurate marketing.

  • Continually recognize your customers across all devices and screens
  • Create meaningful connections with customers by meeting the needs and wants of each unique individual
  • Develop richer customer profiles and adjust marketing based on behaviors and past experiences
  • Robust targeting, personalization, and addressability across screens & devices

Let’s develop an identity resolution strategy today.

Throtle’s Identity Resolution allows valuable customer data to be linked to your customer’s online identity.