Throtle Identity Resolution

A truly accurate view of your customers fuels marketing success.

Connect your CRM data for ongoing validation and updates of individual identities across channels and devices using our trusted, continuously refreshed source of truth – The Throtle Individual Truth Set.

Why Great Identity Resolution Is A Must-Have

A truly accurate view of your customers fuels every part of your marketing campaigns and overall success. People are continually expecting more personally relevant experiences with brands – based on who they really are and all their past interactions. However, there is a world of bad data that can exist around individuals. Customers often provide incorrect or incomplete information and CRM data can quickly become stale as people switch phones, move, or use a variety of emails in e-commerce transactions. That’s why quality identity resolution is such a critical ingredient as a foundation for all marketing engagements. It’s how you confidently link all touchpoints to the correct individual.

  • Recognition – Accurately recognize your customers for who they really are (not as their spouse or not as a one-time buyer when they’re actually a brand loyalist). Even when your CRM files are maintained by separate marketing teams within each product line or division, Throtle can connect the dots to give you an enterprise-wide single customer view for a holistic ID strategy. Even with just a single identifier like a mobile ad ID, we can recognize individuals and paint a clearer picture of their identity.
  • Intelligence – Complete the audience picture with rich profiles of each individual. Build your marketing strategies, segmentation, and targeting on reliable, robust consumer data.
  • Experiences – Create relevant, personalized experiences that delight your customers.
  • Measurement – Attribute all of a customer’s behaviors to the right individual, even when they’ve interacted with you across multiple channels, touchpoints, devices, browsers, or emails.

How The Throtle Individual Truth Set Is Dynamically Built

  • Accuracy at scale – Throtle created and actively maintains the most comprehensive omni-channel truth set (commonly referred to in the industry as an ID Graph) in the U.S., with over 260MM individuals and their associated identifiers. It’s purpose-built at the individual level with deterministic matching. That means we corroborate each piece of information from multiple independent sources for precise accuracy you can trust.
  • Curated and verified dataThrotle’s Truth Set is built from dozens of carefully curated and meticulously connected data sources. Each year, we review hundreds of data sources, and select only the highest quality as ingredients – typically 1 in 10 are incorporated after passing our rigorous standards.
  • Continuously refreshed and refined – Throtle consistently update the graph with new data daily to give you the most current view of your customers – so your CRM file doesn’t become stale. An always-refreshed source of truth is essential because individuals change and use many different identifiers over time. Over 75% of U.S. adults have 2 or more emails, with nearly 20% having 4 or more. Throtle connect all these emails, social handles, addresses, phone numbers, and other persistent identifiers, deterministically to a single individual. Throtle provides a true omni-channel individual truth set, not just a splice of information about consumers.
Two Ways To Access
  • License as a service: Throtle will setup secure data transfers and do the matching for you, returning better quality customer data for you to readily use.
  • Install – License identity data behind your firewall: Throtle will provide our truth set with regular refreshes for you to install on premise, because we understand how regulatory or other policy situations may prevent sharing CRM data with external providers.
Why Throtle Is The Best Partner For Identity Resolution


  • Precise and accurate with deterministic matching at the scale you need.
  • Purpose-built at the individual level for the highest fidelity information for you to use to target and message each individual with high relevance. Household IDs are also available.
  • From decades of experience, our team applies data expertise to meaningfully connect multiple sources and prepare customer files for the highest quality resolution.
  • Ability to match and resolve identities on any identifier: name, address, email, mobile device (ad ID), social handle, and other persistent identifiers.


  • Trusted provider, backed by TransUnion as a strategic investor and partner.
  • Privacy compliant and secure, meeting the highest standards of the financial services industry and data association best practices. Members of IAB, NAI and DAA


  • Fully transparent deterministic methodology, reporting and pricing.
  • Dedicated account managers, available to answer questions and provide guidance.