Individual-based marketing begins with identity resolution.

Using single or multiple identifiers, Throtle Identity Resolution resolves identities enabling brands and marketers to recognize individual customers across channels, screens and stages of their journeys, driving personalized, consistent messaging to fuel marketing success.


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Link all touch-points to the correct individual.

People are continually expecting more personally relevant experiences with brands – based on who they really are and all of their past interactions. However, there is a world of bad data that exists around individuals. Customers often provide incorrect or incomplete information and CRM data can quickly become stale as people switch phones, move, or use a variety of emails in e-commerce transactions. That’s why quality identity resolution is such a critical ingredient as a foundation for all marketing engagements. It’s how you confidently link all touch-points to the correct individual.

Empower the Most Accurate 1:1 View of a Customer

Maintain The Customer Experience

Link customers identities across multiple devices and screens to track the customer journey and provide a consistent and cohesive customer experience.

Target Messages Across Devices

Understand how a customer engages with your brand. If an individual uses a phone to make purchases more often than a laptop, send marketing messages to a specific device.

Enhance Campaign Segmentation

Ensure the right individuals get the right message, such as suppressing discount offer ads to customers who have made a purchase.

Improved Insight and Measurement

Gain unmatched insight into the messages and experiences that resonate with different individuals and audiences. Optimize spend within and across channels to maximize business results.

Tap into our validated Truth Set
to add value across your
customer marketing strategy.

The Throtle Truth Set is the industry's leading ID graph, capturing, validating and connecting personal identifiable data through the customer journey. Our Truth Set matches PII-based data (ie. postal addresses, emails, and phone numbers) with anonymous identifiers including device IDs and the ever-changing array of cookie data, all in a privacy-safe way. Connecting this data to one individual allows brands and marketers to obtain a full omnichannel view of their customers, allowing for personalized brand experiences that fuel revenue growth.

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