DATA INTELLIGENCE | Look-alike Audiences

Target and reach prospects that mimic your best customers.

Not all consumers are created equal, which is why Throtle understands that in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, a marketer’s message needs to reach as many qualified prospective customers as possible.
With Throtle's Look-alikes, you can stop guessing and start reaching actual individuals with the same characteristics as your best customers. We can work with your own CRM dataset, or Throtle can collaborate on the attributes that best describe your brand's target to create your own dataset.
Throtle carefully analyzes the characteristics your best customers have in common, such as demographics, interests, purchases, and lifestyle attributes to search our Throtle Truth Set and select the best prospects with the most comparable characteristics.

Benefits Of Look-alike Audiences

Throtle’s Look-alikes helps marketers and brands determine the
most efficient, and effective target audiences for their business.

Target qualified prospects that mimic your current customers or a successful campaign segment.

Uncover and locate “best” customer look-alikes.

Target purchase types, such as buyers of luxury goods, value shoppers or consumers of specific entertainment.

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