Understand who is responding to your campaigns and optimize in-flight.

Marketing measurement and reporting on the “how much” and the “how many” of campaign performance is widely available. Multi-touch attribution or even simple campaign reports, show how channels, campaign messages, and ad formats perform in terms of impression volume, clicks, total conversions, and ROI. But somewhere along the way, someone forgot to address the “who” – which sounded like a huge gap to us. So, we created the Throtle Closed Loop solution, better equipping marketing teams with audience understanding so they can laser focus marketing efforts on the right individual for increased customer conversions and ROI.

Actionable Customer Insights

Throtle identifies the individuals who are responding (or not) to addressable marketing campaigns. Using our cross-device truth set, Throtle identifies individuals anonymously clicking on digital ads, visiting brand websites (after clicking on an ad or going directly), or walking into physical stores. Armed with these individual identities and their demographic, lifestyle and behavioral attributes, we paint a picture of the characteristics that differentiate audience segments: responders vs. non-responders, buyers vs. non-buyers.

With this insight, marketers can:

  • Optimize in-flight campaigns
  • Re-engage advertising responders who are non-converters to accelerate their path to purchase
  • Zero in on better targets for future campaigns

Comprehensive Closed Loop

Many companies talk about closed-loop, but they don’t actually trace actions back to individuals, or don’t connect the dots across all customer channels. With our robust data infrastructure, customer onboarding capabilities, data assets, and vast network of integrated partners, we have the proven ability to execute closed loop: cross-device, online, and offline.

Accurate Individual Identity Resolution

You can only have great measurement if you’re starting with the best individual identity data with cross-device reach. Throtle has built and continuously optimizes the most comprehensive consumer individual truth set in the U.S.

Detailed Data Outputs

We provide all the detailed data we have collected and synchronized to persistent individual Throtle consumer IDs such as log level data (i.e., views, clicks, conversions) and store visitation data.

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