Accurately reach your customers online, across multiple screens & devices.

Brands spend years cultivating data to create CRM profiles of their customers, analyzing everything from preferences and habits to purchase behaviors. Still, many marketers lack true customer insight and unknowingly limit themselves to siloed customer data when implementing marketing campaigns. Throtle Onboarding bridges the gap and brings offline data online so that brands can design personalized experiences for each customer.

Throtle Onboarding integrates offline customer data with online identities, enabling brands to create more personalized experiences for their customers across multiple channels and devices (display, mobile, email, social, and addressable TV).

Accurate Individual Matching

With exact one-to-one matching, Throtle Onboarding links your anonymized CRM data to desktop cookies and MAIDs. Unique identifiers are created from your CRM data’s hashed emails, MAIDs and mobile #s, and then matched to an individual’s online identity.

Reach Across Screens & Devices

Gain critical insights and understand what customer behavior looks like across multiple screens and devices. Optimize your campaigns to determine which  perform the best and lead to a more efficiently allocated advertising budget.

Distribution and Partner Ecosystem

Once matched, a vast network of DSPs, ad networks, and platforms is crucial to achieving the best delivery for your deployed campaigns. Throtle integrates with industry-leading technologies so you can deliver the right message to the right customer at any time.

We are obsessed with accuracy

Throtle prides itself on providing brands with the most accurate and transparent view of their customers. We organize, enhance, and activate customer CRM data so that brands can effectively reach their customers online.

Throtle provides transparency to:

  • Recency (30, 60, 90 day), frequency and device (by type)
  • Individual match rate
  • Household match rate
  • Probabilistic match rate
  • Deterministic match rate
  • Cache clearers
  • Untargetable customers and strategies to reach them
  • Reporting and dashboards that give access to customer insights across all devices and channels

Connecting the customer journey from start to finish.

The customer journey is fragmented and no longer linear. Today’s consumers interact with brands through multiple touchpoints before completing a final purchase. To understand each customer’s journey, marketers need to consistently monitor customer data and interactions across all channels.

Throtle Customer Connect™ integrates offsite, onsite, and offline data collection to help inform your customer journey initiatives. We quickly organize and activate CRM data, including demographics and purchase behaviors, so brands can successfully implement cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Through a programmable pixel, Throtle Customer Connect™ allows for the collection of first-party data from key offsite and onsite sources. Throtle uses this data to power personalization and enhanced attribution for brands.

Understand your customer’s journey before they visit your website so that you can serve personalized content. This will increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

We integrate offsite, onsite, and offline data collection to help inform your customer journey initiatives. Throtle Customer Connect™ compiles and organizes offsite customer interaction information, such as first-party data, so brands can successfully implement their data inventory.

Boost your customer profile strategy with robust multi-channel data. This data can be integrated into your existing profiles to create a more powerful foundation and fuel personalized, real-time action across your marketing technology stack.

Throtle Data Onboarding allows accurate reach online, across multiple screens & devices.