Robust, accurate customer data, at your fingertips

Throtle’s Pre-Onboarding Preparation (POP) is designed to fill data gaps and provide a deeper understanding of customer buying behaviors, motivations, and opportunities at the individual level, before we onboard your data.

With a full suite of demographic components, brands can complete the customer picture and validate their customer data against over 500 data elements such as name, email address(es), postal address, income, marital status, and buying patterns.

Leverage the Throtle individual offline database to validate, enhance, and complete a full customer picture.

Ensure customer data is up-to-date
We use our robust data warehouse to clean, hygiene, and standardize your CRM data, using triple validation standards to ensure quality.

Replace bad or missing information
Using over 1,500 demographic, lifestyle, and behavioral attributes, we fill your data gaps and create a complete picture of each of your customers.

Enhance existing customer data
Our acquisition data warehouse contains more than 5 billion consumer, business, CPG, automotive, and personality records built from dozens of compiled and proprietary data sources.

Complete YOUR customer profiles
Using Throtle’s extensive database of individual-level data, customer transaction data, purchase behaviors, and more, brands can create high-performing segments.

Throtle Pre-Onboarding Preperation provide a deeper understanding of you customers.