November 30, 2016 – Winterberry Group Report

As content personalization and consistent messaging across in-store, at home and online locations has risen to the top of marketers’ objectives for engaging in relevant communications with their customers and prospects, one of the critical components for achieving success has become the recognition of consumers in the right place, on the right device and at the right time. Consumer data onboarding (“onboarding”) is key to accurate recognition at scale.

Onboarding is becoming an increasingly central component to the consistent and accurate customer recognition needed for the personalization, insights and targeting that enables both engagement and ecommerce conversion optimization beginning inside the walled gardens of the social platforms, via display media channels and ultimately on websites and via desktops and mobile devices. And as omnichannel ecommerce grows, so too does onboarding. Winterberry Group estimates that the U.S. onboarding market has grown from an estimated $30 million in 2012 to $250 million in 2016 and is forecast to reach $1 billion in 2020.

Based on conversations with nearly twenty industry leaders, ranging from service providers to the legal experts focused on privacy considerations, this perspective paper seeks to provide marketers with deeper understanding of how onboarding works and answers some of the most pressing questions facing the market including:

• How do I select an onboarding partner?
• Which type of provider(s) would be best given my objectives?
• How often do I need to onboard my data? Daily, Weekly, Monthly?
• How much am I paying for onboarding services? How are fees structured?
• What is the right balance between accuracy and reach?
• What are the privacy considerations and how do I ensure I am compliant?

About Winterberry Group:
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