Throtle Announces Integration With IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solutions Providing Identity-Based Data Onboarding

November 26, 2018 – RED BANK, NJ — Throtle, an identity-based data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching and cross-device identity resolution, announced its integration with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (IBM UBX), part of IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solutions. This integration will empower IBM UBX customers with a complete and accurate view of their customers online, across multiple devices and channels, throughout the overall customer journey. Accurate identity forms the foundation for targeted marketing, personalization and measurement.

With extensive data expertise at Throtle’s core, the company has developed a rigorous pre-onboarding process to cleanse, repair, and extend a marketer’s CRM file. This process pulls from billions of match keys to ensure all onboarded files first meet the highest levels of data fidelity prior to any offline to online match. This data driven and 100% deterministic approach delivers the highest match rates for accurate marketing.

“Throtle is a new breed of onboarding. While legacy onboarders are all about connectivity, we are all about accurate individual identity to fuel higher performance marketing,” said Paul Chachko, Throtle CEO. “Our approach enables marketers to increase conversions with offers that are accurately tailored to an individual consumer, whether online or in-store.

About Throtle
Throtle is a 2nd generation data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching, identity resolution, and closed loop enablement, powering brands’ omnichannel marketing efforts. Our data centric onboarding approach provides the highest level of accuracy, cross-device reach, and transparency. For more information on Throtle, please visit

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (IBM UBX) is an open, cloud-based service that enables marketers to exchange customer behavior data in context across an ecosystem of pre-integrated IBM and partner applications in order to deliver comprehensive, omnichannel customer experiences without costly, time-intensive software integrations.

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