July 20, 2017 – Throtle, a data onboarding company and recognized thought leader in identity management, has announced the release of its new pricing model. Throtle will now offer data onboarding with fees based on the total quantity of data matched versus a fee for processing the client’s input file. This new format will provide more transparency and better value to Throtle’s clients.

“At Throtle, our goal is to provide complete transparency for all of our offered solutions. With this new pricing rollout, we will only charge our clients for the data they match. And since we offer file preparation and data standardization, as well as data hygiene as part of our onboarding solution services, we will continue to ensure optimal match rates for our clients. We believe this new structure to be the most effective, efficient, and beneficial way to onboard our client’s data.” Paul Chachko, CEO Throtle.

Throtle also offers premier solutions for device ids (with and without onboarding), identity management, custom segment creation, look-a-like reporting, email appends, consumer attribute enhancements, profile reports, and data modeling on an individual or household basis.