Throtle Joins Industry-Wide Unified ID 2.0 Initiative 

Built by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 is alternative to third-party cookies

Red Bank, NJ – Throtle, a leading identity and data onboarding company, announced it is successfully integrated as an identity provider for Unified ID 2.0, an open-source ID framework designed to improve relevant advertising without relying on third-party cookies. The ID has been built by The Trade Desk along with other companies across the digital advertising industry.

The Unified ID 2.0 open-source ID framework is an upgrade and an alternative designed to maintain targeted advertising, while decreasing reliance on the third-party cookie. Built from hashed and encrypted email addresses, Unified ID 2.0 will remain open and ubiquitous while introducing significant upgrades to consumer privacy and transparency.

By leveraging Unified ID 2.0, advertisers working with Throtle will gain access to addressable inventory across all channels and devices, all without cookies. This provides a more holistic view of a customer and the ability to leverage audience data more efficiently to drive better campaign performance.

“Being a part of the Unified ID 2.0 solution is another step towards improving individual recognition and adopting a cookieless ID imperative,” said Paul Chachko, CEO, Throtle. “Throtle is committed to creating a better standard for identity and ensuring data marketing capabilities in a post-cookie world, while protecting consumer privacy and transparency.”

“As more industry partners like Throtle become interoperable with and support Unified ID 2.0, it’s exciting to see the industry come together to build a better solution that replaces third-party cookies,” said Bill Michels, General Manager, Product Management, The Trade Desk. “It’s becoming increasingly important to address the need for an alternative to identity that really is an upgrade for everyone from consumers to advertisers and publishers.”

About Throtle
Throtle provides brands and marketers with the most accurate 1:1 view of a customer. Throtle is focused on resolving to a deterministic individual for accurate targeting across all devices and channels including IDs, MAIDs, IP Address, Connected TV and more.

About Unified ID 2.0
Unified ID 2.0 is a next-generation identity solution that is an open-source digital framework. With initial development led by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 is the result of broad collaboration publishers, buyers and technology providers across the industry. It serves as an alternative to third-party cookies that aims to improve consumer transparency, privacy and control, while preserving the value exchange of relevant advertising across channels and devices., the independent organization designed to ensure and promote fair and transparent marketplaces across the industry, has agreed to serve as operator of Unified ID 2.0. Prebid will begin this role in the second half of this year.

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