Throtle Partners with BritePool to Build and Distribute Verified Cookieless ID

July 30, 2019 – New York, NY and Red Bank, NJ – Throtle, a leading identity resolution and data onboarding firm, announced its partnership with BritePool, a provider of consumer identity verification for digital advertisers and publishers, to advance the transition to cookieless targeted advertising in the rapidly changing landscape of online consumer marketing.

Through this partnership, BritePool and Throtle have created a collaborative database, which will serve as a foundational component of the unified BritePool ID, which will allow online advertisers to purchase frequency controlled consumer audience segments, composed of verified identities, using programmatic platforms for seamless execution by brands and marketers.

The unified BritePool ID is created from multiple data sources combined with unique technology, and will offer frequency controlled advertising options, with verified identities, in a cookieless world. It will be a new capability for publishers to compete with Google and Facebook for digital advertising revenues.

“The advertising community is actively looking for solutions that ensure frequency controlled verified identities today, and for the cookieless future,” said David J. Moore, CEO of BritePool. “Our partnership with Throtle is a significant step forward in providing this needed capability,” he added.

“We are excited to be partnering with BritePool and pushing toward the goal of industry-wide cookieless and verified audience identity resolution,” said Paul Chachko, CEO of Throtle. “Together, we’re working toward a future where brands and marketers can provide a better experience to consumers and deliver greater value.”

“Both BritePool and Throtle are focused on providing advertisers with transparency and visibility in the rapidly growing programmatic ad buying arena,” said Moore.

About Throtle
Throtle provides brands and marketers with the most accurate 1:1 view of a customer. Throtle is focused on resolving to a deterministic individual for accurate targeting across all devices and channels including IDs, MAIDs, IP Address, Connected TV and more.

About BritePool
BritePool is an identity verification company for advertisers and publishers that combines frequency controlled identity verification services for advertisers and publishers using existing data sources and unique technology, with a next-generation platform, designed to generate consumer consent with sign-ins, at scale, to deliver identity verification in the approaching world without third-party tracking cookies.

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