Throtle’s Data Vault Gives Brands and Marketers Transparent and Secure Data Environment 

March 24, 2020 – Throtle, a leading provider of data onboarding and identity resolution solutions, announced the newest release of Throtle Data Vault. The release provides several updates and enhancements to the data storage platform for brands and partners.

Throtle’s Data Vault is a proprietary platform that allows brands, marketers and agencies to utilize and append their data in a neutral, privacy compliant environment. The latest version includes permission-based data sharing enhancements and custom audience segmentation options for brands and data partners to address the ever-evolving data landscape and the latest privacy and security regulations.

“Data and security go hand in hand,” says Paul Chachko, CEO and founder of Throtle. “We are committed to providing our clients and partners with the most secure and transparent way of data management and protection for each supported use case and workflow. We are always working on adding new and innovate sets of technical and operational controls to ensure data is managed securely and ethically.”

As the availability of consumer data, channels, and devices grows, it will become more complex for brands, marketers, and agencies to manage it all in a secure and complaint way. Throtle Data Vault provides a trusted and secure environment that solves for where consumer data can be stored, managed, and analyzed in order to provide more personalize marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about customers and audiences.

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