Link all data elements that make up a consumer’s core identity.

The Throtle Truth Set is more than an assembly of static data points. It is dynamically maintained and updated with billions of data points to keep up with consumers as they change addresses, swap phones, use multiple emails to transact or subscribe with your brand.

It’s truly deterministic, with exact one-to-one matching and validated data.

  • Individual Throtle IDs connected to any and all identifiers for each individual – name, address, email, phone, social handles, etc
  • Identities connected to cookies for online browsers and mobile devices (ad IDs) to target individuals when browsing the web or mobile web
  • Authenticated with log-in data
  • Verified accuracy with multi-source corroboration and external reviews






Individualized Digital IDs



Online Links




Identity is not static; it is a living, breathing and dynamic asset.

As a company built on the foundation of data, we are identity experts. We go above and beyond to meaningfully and accurately connect identity data and apply decades of data expertise to properly curate, cleanse and incorporate quality data inputs.

Connecting Individual PII Data

Throtle accurately assembles identities from multiple online and offline sources to create a single, holistic view of an individual across all channels, screens and devices.
Each individual is deterministically matched with ongoing validation and updates that account for changes such as:

  • Ever-changing array of cookies
  • Individuals with multiple phone numbers
  • Individuals with multiple email addresses
  • Individuals with multiple devices
  • Name and/or address change


The Throtle Truth Set helps brand and marketers increase conversions, enhance the customer experience and realize a greater ROI.

Individual-based Marketing

The Throtle Truth Set collects and connects all different types of personal identifiers to one Individual, so a customer can be recognized and targeted with the right content and in the right context across screens.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The more insightful data you have about your customers, the more you can tailor and personalize. Gaining a holistic view of your customers allows brands and marketers to anticipate consumers needs and wants, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, and reengage with dormant customers.

Attribution and Measurement

Attribute all of a customer’s behaviors to the right individual, even when they’ve interacted with you across multiple channels, touchpoints, devices, browsers, or emails.

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