Throtle Truth Set

Obtain a true view of each individual.

We purpose-built and actively maintain the Throtle Truth Set at the individual level. Of course, you can see households too but we focused on the individual from the start because we know how unique each person is and how important it is for brands to accurately reach individuals with relevant messages and experiences.


It’s truly deterministic, with exact one-to-one matching and validated data. Others may say they do the same, but we often find they’re working with a fuzzy definition of the term.

  • Individual Throtle IDs connected to any and all identifiers for each individual – name, address, email, phone, social handles, etc.
  • Identities connected to cookies for online browsers and mobile devices (ad IDs) to target individuals when browsing the web or mobile web.
  • Authenticated with log-in data.
  • Verified accuracy with multi-source corroboration and external reviews.

We don’t call it an Identity Graph, because it’s much more than an assembly of static data points. The Throtle Individual Truth Set is dynamically maintained with billions of data points integrated each month. So, we keep up with consumers as they change addresses, swap phones, use multiple emails to transact or subscribe, etc.

  • We take privacy and security seriously, and have adopted the highest standards of security protocol, including those of financial services firms, the credit industry, and data industry associations (DAA, IAB, NAI).
  • We go above and beyond to meaningfully and accurately connect identity data. Throtle is the only identity provider applying decades of data expertise to properly curate, cleanse and incorporate quality data inputs.
  • TransUnion is both an investor and strategic partner, equipped to validate Throtle identity data against gold-standard credit-based information.

With the Throtle Individual Truth Set, brands have a trusted, complete and total view of customers. Only with this, can marketing teams deliver relevant experiences that fuel revenue growth.