A New Breed of Identity

Identity isn’t just marketing’s latest buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. Marketers need to start implementing identity strategies to support robust targeting, personalization and addressability across touch points.


Providing the highest level of accuracy, scale, and responsiveness

At Throtle we empower brands with true individual-based marketing. Our data centric identity and onboarding approach guarantees the highest level of accuracy, scale, and responsiveness for our clients.

While others prioritize connectivity, Throtle is focused on accuracy – so you’re reaching the person you intended. Higher accuracy means better marketing performance.


Throtle Differentiators

Throtle’s key differentiators when compared to our competitive set include the following:


Utilizing an industry leading validated ID Graph, we ensure the highest level of accuracy. We use a wide array of personal and persistent data points, including email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers, device ids, etc., to validate identities consistently and in real-time.


Each data point in our ID Graph is validated by confirming it’s the same across at least 3 separate sources we’ve hand-picked and tested rigorously. We also have an external validation process that includes 5 levels of validation, including gold standard credit data.

Data Hygiene

Throtle is the only identity and onboarding firm that has a rigorous data hygiene process to ensure deterministic and individual accuracy. We perform data quality checks, validate, standardize and parse customer data, as well as enhance customer records. 


Our ID Graph is built to allow the extension of records with emails and MAIDs – a process that is unique to Throtle, which increases match rates and generates greater responses. 


Transparent results are a necessity in making proper strategic marketing decisions. Throtle provides clients with transparency in their customer data and provides reporting to prove it. 

Better Partner

Throtle is customer focused and prides itself on outstanding customer success management, quick turnaround times, and fair pricing with no hidden costs. Our clients are our number one asset. 

High Match Rates

Due to our data centric approach and ability to append multiple match keys, Throtle’s match rates are significantly higher in deterministic match rates over industry standards. 

Since Throtle’s ID Graph has access to a constant stream of multi-sourced consumer data sources (email addresses, MAIDs, cookies, etc.), it can actively validate both offline and online identities, empowering marketers with better offline to online matching with no sacrifice on reach, which includes an average 10%-15% increase in match rate compared to the competition. 

We also offer a complementary match test prior to working together to prove the Throtle difference. 

Security Compliant

Data Anonymization: We remove any personally identifiable information (PII) and replace it with an anonymous ID as the initial step of client data processing. 

Secure Data Environment: We operate in a secure Amazon AWS environment which conforms to ISO 27000 standards for authentication and processing. We use multiple types and layers of physical and electronic security, including firewall protections, encryption of data during transfer, and strict access controls to restrict access to all personal information.

Industry Compliance: Compliant with DMA, DAA, NAI and IAB privacy, and applicable national and international data protection regulations.

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