Accurately reach your customers online, across all screens and devices.

Throtle is a data onboarding company focused solely on individual and deterministic matching. With a data centric approach our Throtle Identity Graph allows for the most accurate and transparent view of your customers.


Data Centric

Onboarding must be data centric. Ensuring a brand’s data is standardized and able to be accurately matched is the most crucial first step of the onboarding process.


Deterministic Identity

A true identity is 100% deterministic. Using 1 to 1 matching, Throtle allows brands to confidently display personalized online advertisements at the individual level across multiple devices.


Accurate and Transparent

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy that targets individuals (not households) and produces accurate results, the data needs to be accurate and shared openly.

Why Throtle?

Validated Consumer Identity Graph

Leveraging the Throtle Identity Graph with a data centric methodology, Throtle standardizes and repairs a brand’s CRM database. With over 1,500 attributes, we append data intelligence prior to the onboarding process to ensure accurate segmentation. Additionally, our consumer identity graph includes over 1 billion emails associated with individuals, allowing Throtle to yield higher and more accurate match rates.