Individual-based Data Onboarding

Throtle is a 2nd generation data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching, identity resolution, and closed loop enablement. Our data centric onboarding approach guarantees the highest level of accuracy, scale, and responsiveness for our clients.

Identity Resolution

The more brands can understand about their customers, the more effective they are at marketing and connecting with them. This level of customer understanding is achieved by accessing and understanding the valuable data linked with a customer’s online identity.

Data Onboarding

Marketers still lack true customer insight and unknowingly limit themselves to siloed customer data when implementing marketing campaigns. Throtle Onboarding bridges the gap to bring offline data online so that brands can design personalized experiences for each customer.

Data Centric Solutions

Throtle’s Data Centric Solutions provide brands the opportunity to create an accurate picture of each individual customer. Using our extensive database of individual-level data, customer transaction data, purchase behaviors, and more, brands can create high-performing data.


The Growing Importance of Identity Resolution and Customer Identity Graphs

Today, brands are capturing more customer data than ever before across a multitude of channels and touch points. But many companies struggle with using that data to construct useful customer identity profiles – “identity graphs” – that can greatly improve marketing measurement capabilities and accuracy while helping you create better customer experiences.

Recognizing customers across multiple channels and devices while using multiple data points to create a single view of that customer has never been more important or relevant.