It’s time for a change. The industry needs it.

The consumer landscape is constantly changing and it has become increasingly difficult for brands to keep up. 

With best in class solutions and high quality data, all built and maintained in Red Bank, NJ, Throtle is changing the way the industry does identity. 

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Identity is not static; it is dynamic and ever-changing.

As consumers bounce relentlessly across an increasingly wide array of devices and applications, the data trail they leave behind becomes more and more fragmented.

And that’s a problem for marketers who are often left wondering: Who – exactly – is the person behind the screen that we’re talking to?

We let our data do the talking

While legacy onboarders are all about connectivity, we are all about accurate identity. With decades of data expertise at our core, Throtle has designed and developed the best in class solutions to empower brands with true individual-based marketing.


130 Million


250 Million

Individual Digital IDs

200 Million

Individual MAIDs

350 Million

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